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What kind of careers are available in Food Sciences?

I plan to major in biochemistry and am trying to narrow down my area of study. I am an athlete and am considering a possible path in the food science area, possibly as a nutritionist or dietitian. #teacher #guidance-counselor #career-guidance

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Arjun’s Answer

n undergraduate food science degree prepares students for successful careers with a food industry, research, or manufacturing company in the public, corporate, or government sector. Food science graduates are leaders in food production and processing, quality assurance and control, technical representation in the sale and marketing of foods, food product development, food science research, and regulation and enforcement of food laws. The need for trained food scientists has grown steadily in pace with consumer demands for convenient, safe, and nutritious food and beverages.

Top Career options are

Food Scientist
Cereal Scientist
Dairy Products Scientist
Director of Quality Assurance
FDA/USDA Research Scientist
Flavor Chemist
Food Biochemist
Food Biotechnologist
Food Chemist
Food Engineer
Food Industry R&D
Food Ingredient Sales
Food Inspector
Food Microbiologist
Food Product Consultant
Food Product Developer