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How demanding is a job as a forensic investigator?

Currently, I am weighing my options for the future- I'm planning to go to UW Platteville to pursue a career in forensic investigation this fall. However, I realise that job openings for this career are slim, and taking that into consideration, I am unsure of the workload that I may face. #forensic

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Valerie’s Answer

Well the opening for forensic are not a slim as you might think. Unless you are set on staying in a specific location. If you are willing to relocate there are many openings across the country. The demands will vary depending on department and state and what the expectations in those jurisdictions are. So while you are going through the courses, I would suggest researching different locations and departments, even reach out to those departments you are interested in and get details from them.
I wish you good luck on your future.