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How can I be a doctor of education?

I would like to have my Ed.D./Doctorate in Educational Leadership. How can I get started? doctor education teacher

Thanks to the both of you. Simeon B.

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2 answers

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Tom’s Answer

Simeon, you would want to start with a standard four-year degree with a major that interests you and then earn your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Then, you would want to follow that up with a master's degree and once you have obtained that, then you could find a doctorate program that would meet your needs. That is the basic overview of how to do it although there's a lot of related information that's important. I suggest that you do a Google search using the words from your question to acquire more useful information. Best wishes. Tom
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Robin’s Answer

Explore the potential different types of education doctorate programs to find a few best fits. Some programs focus on K-12 with superintendent papers or higher education or general leadership.

Robin recommends the following next steps:

Explore accredited college/ university sites for programs
Reach out to faculty or alumni from schools
Informational interview of professionals with EdD
Begin assembling application materials
Apply and good luck!