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Mahalakshmi’s Avatar
Mahalakshmi Jun 24, 2016 563 views

What are some related careers that I should consider?

for career #teaching

Rajveer’s Avatar
Rajveer Dec 24, 2016 798 views

Is it worth to be a pediatrician compare to the cost?????????????

Is being a pediatrician worth it as 12 years of college after school . I know i can pass it but the cost it alot as- 4 years of college=$15000 per year*4=$60000 4 years of medical school=$50000 per year*4=$200000 Total cost is $260000 so we don't have this much money but is it easy to be a...

Voc’s Avatar
Voc Feb 09, 2022 248 views

How much paid time off do teachers get? What college classes do teachers take?


Cara’s Avatar
Cara Feb 09, 2022 281 views

What collage should I start off going to a 2 year or a 4 year to become a teacher? What collage do you recomend for becoming a teacher? How much training will I have to go through to become a teacher?

Hi my name is Cara I am in high school and I want to help kids learn who can't go to school for health reasons. I have also been interested in helping kids who need the extra help or a teacher ever since I was a little girl.# #teaching #education

Addie’s Avatar
Addie Feb 07, 2022 296 views

What are the best colleges in or around Minnesota that have good law degree programs?

I am thinking about becoming a lawyer or attorney in the future and I don't know what colleges would be good for that. #law-school #lawyer #law #college

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 12, 2016 641 views

If I start out as an undergraduate degree in education, how easy would it be for me to go to graduate school for sports psychology?

I would like to coach at the high school level. My plan is to get my undergraduate degree and start teaching/coaching. I want to go on and slowly work towards a career as a sports psychologist. Would I be starting over If I followed through with my undergraduate degree in education? #teacher...

Kody’s Avatar
Kody May 17, 2018 555 views

I am going to college to study law, specifically to become an attorney in public-policy making. What would be the best types of attorneys to job-shadow? What groups should I be involved with during college to best pad my resume for the future?

#law #experience #lawyer #law-school #attorney #lawyers

Dena’s Avatar
Dena Jan 18, 2018 460 views

I am working on my teaching degree is it important that I get Nationally Certified?

I am asking if I should could Nationally Certified as a teacher because does this give me better skills to be a teacher or just extra accreditation? I want to always find more ways to keep kids engaged. #teaching

Jiale’s Avatar
Jiale Jan 31, 2022 292 views

What do you need to do to be sucessful in your lifetime?

Galileo High school junior #teaching

India’s Avatar
India Jan 16, 2018 672 views

When should I earn my master's degree?

I'm studying to be a teacher, and I've heard different things about when I should earn my master's. Some people say I should earn it, then get a job, while others have told me it's better to earn my bachelor's, get a job, and then work on my master's in the summer.
#teaching #masters-degree #job

Alexandra’s Avatar
Alexandra Jan 27, 2022 319 views

How can I pick between 3 specialties I really want to do?

I start my first year of Physician Assistant school this fall. I already know I'm interested in pediatrics, behavioral health, and oncology. How can I decide what to do between those 3? #healthcare #medicine #college #medical #pediatrics #psych #oncology #physicianassistant

Najahquel’s Avatar
Najahquel Jul 02, 2021 337 views

What do I have to learn more of the become a lawyer

I do good with directions Im firm etc .. #lawyer #attorney

Simeon’s Avatar
Simeon Jun 18, 2021 447 views

How can I be a doctor of education?

I would like to have my Ed.D./Doctorate in Educational Leadership. How can I get started? #doctor #education #teacher

Jaheim’s Avatar
Jaheim Jun 25, 2021 139 views

What are the qualities of being a Paraprofessional?

I’m interested in becoming a Para #teacher # #teaching #education #k--education

Que’s Avatar
Que Jun 26, 2021 534 views

How be a good teacher in the special needs department?

I am a high school graduate and I am looking for information on about being a good teacher.
#teacher #education #english #math