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I want to be a first grade teacher.


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India L. Jan 16, 2018 259 views

How do I handle discipline in the classroom?

I'm going to be a teacher (first grade), and I'm not sure about the best way to handle discipline problems in the classroom. For example, is it better to give them a time out, or take away a privilege? And what do I do if the parents of an unruly child are uncooperative/unhelpful? #teaching...

#being-an-elementary-teacher #classroom-management #discipline

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India L. Jan 16, 2018 197 views

When should I earn my master's degree?

I'm studying to be a teacher, and I've heard different things about when I should earn my master's. Some people say I should earn it, then get a job, while others have told me it's better to earn my bachelor's, get a job, and then work on my master's in the summer. #teaching #masters-degree...