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are you able to change your field of study even after you have already "declared" what you want?

in case i wish to change what kind of nurse i am #college #nursing #pediatric-nursing

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Teresa’s Answer

Dear Jilian, When you go to college to become a nurse, you will get a general degree, BSN, without a specialty. As you go thru school you will be exposed to different types of nursing and will have the ability to choose what type of nurse you would like to become. Even after you work in an area for many years, you will not be limited to a specialty because many areas offer job training to learn the specialty. I work in the NICU and have hired nurses who have been in other specialties like, the emergency department, adult ICU and oncology. When they accept my position, I give them a training schedule- they take a course and then follow a preceptor who teaches them to specialize. Best of luck to you in your future!