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What are the steps in becoming an actress?

I’m 21, not in school but finished high school. acting

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Gareth’s Answer

The great thing about becoming an actor is that you can become one at anytime - there are no restrictions on age and when you have to enter the industry, Likewise there are no clear pathways and recipes for success.

There are also many different forms in which you can apply your craft; Theatre, TV, Films, Short Film, Voice Over / Animation, each requiring different skills and talents.

I became an actor when I was around 13 years old, and by 15 had landed a major role in a UK TV series. We filmed 40 episodes over the next 3 years and the show was sold to 40 countries globally.

When I look back on how this happened there were a few factors that led to the success:

1) I joined a drama society where I could regularly practice different acting skills with like minded people. We would practice regularly, acting is a skill that you can learn and its important to be able to take on feedback. (although some people are far more naturally gifted than others)
2) I attended many different auditions for roles before I was successful - being able to handle rejection is just as important as the talent you have
3) I was able to find a good agent to represent me and provide opportunities. I found the agent through the drama society, so in the early days it was a bit of a catch 22 situation of needing to perform as much as possible in order to get recognized and attract an agent.

Today there are also lots of open auditions for roles in TV and Theatre, so its worthwhile doing some research in the industry and for open casting sessions that may be held for shows.

My overall advice is that 85% of actors are unemployed. You need to be fully aware that very few actors make become famous. Most have a 2nd or 3rd job to pay the bills, and they are prepared to work in other areas whilst they develop their acting skills and search for that lucky break!

Good luck with your adventure :)