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is going into the medical field worth it?

I think I want to be an X-ray tech.. doctor medical-school

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3 answers

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Dan’s Answer

I have been a surgeon for 30 years, and here are a few thoughts to consider about a career in the medical field. Growing up I was fascinated by how the human body worked. I really enjoyed my invisible human model and the ability to take out all the organs an put them back together in the proper order. During college I found I had a knack for science, but not for writing and medical school seemed like the best fit . I have enjoyed being a surgeon immensely, and was able to help solve thousands of patients surgical problems.
The challenges to consider are that becoming a doctor is a 12 to 14 year process and the average medical student graduates with over $200,000 in student loans. If your passion is to become a doctor, then give strong consideration to joining the military and in exchange for them paying your medical tuition, you serve in the military for several years after your training. I have many surgical residents utilize this path and all found the experience rewarding.
Alternatively, there are hundreds of other jobs in medicine with shorter training requirements and lower cost of education. Physician assistants, nursing, radiology technicians and other paths can be considered. Another alternative that few people know about is to become a cytology technician. Programs are often available at community colleges and there are a lot of jobs available. One of our friends daughters follow this path and is currently completing a masters degree , paid for by her employer because of the high demand for her skills.
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Krystyna’s Answer

I considered a lot of career paths before choosing a career in the medical field. I have found that it is worth it! There are a ton of options you can choose to pursue based on your interests. Utilize some of the resources in your area like school counselors, career fairs, college academic counselors to narrow down and find out more about the careers you think you might be interested in. They may even be able to point you towards someone in the careers your interested in to ask them more about how/why they pursued their career. I went to multiple informational meetings about pharmacy school to make sure I understood the school and expectations involved, and shadowed a few different people in hospitals to see if it would be a good fit for me. Getting those experiences and making an informed decision definitely helped me to make sure I chose a field that I still think was worth pursuing.

Thank you for answering my question! I guess I was just worried about committing to med school without knowing what I want to do or where to go, but I will gladly take your advice and ask around!! ja B.

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Cathy’s Answer

Yes, yes, yes!! There are hospitals everywhere so you will always be able to find a job. Working in healthcare is a grueling job that takes a mental, physical and emotional toll so it's not a fit for everyone. There are different roles in healthcare other than being a doctor or a nurse. You have to want to help others and work well on a team. Depending on the field, the pay will vary but overall very stable.