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How long does it usually take to animate something?

I like anime. animation

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1 answer

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Gates’s Answer

Hi Aaron,

Animation takes a long time. If you are hand drawing, expect to make 12 to 24 drawings for one second of animation! Crazy right? Some computer programs like Photoshop, Toon Boom, Procreate for iPad, can shorten your drawing time by allowing you to easily duplicate parts of your drawings. There is also a new program called Adobe Animate that I do not have experience with yet. I would suggest trying out these programs if you are becoming impatient with all of the drawing.

However, animation is an exercise in patience. The more you practice hand drawing, the better your animation will become! Creating a flip book was one of my first assignments in college. Get some flash cards or a post- it stack and try to fill at least 48 cards. This will give you about 2 seconds of animation when you flip through it! You can probably do this in 1-6 hours, depending how detailed you are!

Watching animation is watching someone's time, compressed. Kind of like a time warp!

Cheers! -- Gates

Thank you for your response! Aaron U.