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what kind of jobs are there that relate to computer / coding

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3 answers

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Andra’s Answer

Hey Signora.

There are numerous jobs that are related to coding and computing including:

Jobs directly related to coding include:

Application analyst
Applications developer
Cyber security analyst
Data analyst
Database administrator
Forensic computer analyst
Game designer
Games developer
Information systems manager
IT consultant
Software engineer
Systems analyst
UX designer
Web designer
Web developer

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

IT sales professional
IT trainer
Network engineer
Supply chain manager
Telecommunications researcher

The field is expanding to be not just related to technology, but most companies now incorporate them into daily practices.

Its important to realize that coding isn't only useful in development, but also a useful skill as a leader as well.
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Laura’s Answer

Hi Signora,

There are so many jobs related to coding, I think it depends where you would like to go and where your interests lie. Please see some choices below:

Software Engineer (Java, Python, etc).
IT Technician/Manager/Associate

I think it is best to do some research as to where you see yourself going with your degree. Maybe getting an internship at a company you're interested in will help you make a decision.

Thank you,

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Evelyn’s Answer

Hey Signora,

There are a lot of things you can do with programming language. The most common impression that people get is that you have to go into back-end development or be a software engineer when you learn coding; however, there are a ton of jobs that would require that skill that don't require you to just code. Coding is a gateway for you to build cool things and the opportunities are endless!

Some job careers:
Programmer (Traditional Software Engineer)
Pre-Sales Engineer (Engineer who sells to customers / clients - requires you to be good at presenting, talking to clients, and selling)
Post-Sales Engineer (Engineer who maintains relationships with customers - managing accounts, problem solving, dealing with escalations)
Entrepreneur (Owning your own business)
Game Developer / Game Production
Analyst (someone who analyzes data and looks at trends)
Machine Learning / AI
Website Management (Front-End engineering)
Product (having software engineering background to create a new technology)