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What can I do to find the best college major that's suitable for me, what should I consider about?

I'm a junior about to submit my applications this year, please advise me! college-major college

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4 answers

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Kamron’s Answer


This was a tough process for me as well when I was entering college. A couple of tips I thought to be helpful were:

1. What do you enjoy?
Find things that you enjoy doing currently or think you would enjoy doing as a job. When I was entering I knew I loved sports but my hobby was fish. I loved having fish tanks and loved the ocean. What I took from this was looking at a major that would be about sports or marine biology (I know, extremely different haha!)

2. How much work will it be, and are you committed to doing it?
Keep in mind how much work this major will be and how much you're willing to put in. For example, at my school, Nursing is our most rigorous major. I have heard too many stories from people who had a love for it but just weren't willing to put in the work in and had to switch majors. You are the only person who can judge how much you're willing to put in and be realistic with this. If you're going to commit the time and effort to whatever you choose, go for it! But if you know you don't want to work extremely hard and the major is really tough, that might be something to take into consideration.

3. You aren't stuck forever!
First, I will preface this with schools vary and it won't be the same everywhere. Now, if you are one year in and finishing up intro classes and not enjoying the major so far, you can change. I would not recommend this early or say that it will always be greener on the other side, but you're not stuck there! I know people who changed majors after junior year and just bit the bullet and stayed a year longer to finish up, but they ended up loving it! Also, just because you major in something, that won't always end up being the field you enter! You can choose to do something different or can be lead in a different way.

I hope this information is helpful for you! Best of luck in the future!
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Molly’s Answer

I had the same struggle. What I did was understand what my likes/dislikes were vs the types of jobs my major would open up to me. From there, I spent a great deal of time reviewing, comparing/contrasting the various potential careers using the Occupational Outlook Handbook ( to help narrow it down.

In the end, I was split on Mathematics and Business degrees but ended up going with Industrial Engineering (a blend of the two) due to the earning potential to ensure I could payoff my student loans. 11 years later I can tell you I'm happy and satisfied - this comes from my personal relationships; my job is just a job. I'm good at it and have a steady paycheck :)
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Reema’s Answer

I would look at what your interests have been so far. What volunteer opportunities have you enjoyed? If there hasn’t been anything, consider taking some time to explore and find what you like. You also don’t have to completely decide on a major right now. Many people go in undecided, or have a plan and change! If you are undecided spend time exploring when you get to college. There are so many things to explore and try out. I found my passion for social justice when I visited kids in prison. Hope that helps!
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Lauren’s Answer

First of all, it is totally normal for you to not be sure what you want to major in going into college. Tons of people go to college not knowing, or change their minds once or more when they get to school.

Here are a few things to think about that might help you narrow down what you'd like to major in:
1. What are you interested in? Is there any one subject (not just a school subject) that you can't get enough of? Once you narrow down a few ideas, you can do research on those individual areas?
2. Determine what you want from your future career, aside from subject matter. Is it important for you that you have a really great work-life balance and never work overtime? Is it important that you're directly impacting people's lives? Would you like to work more individually, or would you like to work within a big team?

Hope these help, and best of luck!