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How to figure out your interest and speciality as a new nurse (RN)

I graduate in May 2022 and I want to work for a year before I go back to school for my masters and I want to use that year in figuring out what I would want to do and what my interests are when considering different specialities etc

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2 answers

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Caroline’s Answer

Congratulations! I would say consider working in hospitals and private practices , in different multi-specialties. For example I thought I wanted to be a psychiatric Np so once I graduated I took a job (sohomd) as an admin and realized I did not want to be a psych NP. After hands on experiencing patient interactions and seeing the long sessions can be. It just didn’t seem like I could thrive in this way. I realized I loved Hr more because I could be a good mentor and tap into legal. You could work in a family care facility and test out if you perhaps wants to be a Family Np. Get your feet wet and enjoy the journey I would say!
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Tonya’s Answer

The way to determine your interest is to identify what are your passions, what interest you that you continue to want to learn more about, and what makes you smile or you enjoy doing. Answering these questions can reveal either a specialty that exist in nursing or one that needs to be created (maybe by you). One interesting situation I experience is when a high school (or other grade level student) student, new graduate nurse, or a person who has been nursing for many years does not realize how their passion, skills, interest, or hobby can be used in alignment with being a nurse. For example, I met a new graduate nurse who achieved a previous degree in marketing. He thought the two professions did not align. I provided a few examples where nurses are needed in marketing for nursing organizations, healthcare services, and more. Or, a student with an interest in business. Behind the scenes in healthcare we need experts in business, so you will see nurses with a Masters in Business as well as a Bachelor or Masters degree in nursing.
Even if you decide before going to college which specialty you would like it is ok to change your mind during nursing school or even years later after you are a nurse. In my research during my studies towards my doctorate and in my career I had the opportunity to speak with nurses who had years of experience and were interested in changing specialties. They were interested in finding a mentor to support them in their specialty change and return to school for another degree or certification.
Nursing is a career where you can change as your interest and passion to help others, the community, and the world change.

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(Note: some of the jobs require a Masters and/or Doctorate degree – PhD, EdD, or Doctorate of Nursing Practice. There for after achieving your Bachelors degree you would continue for your next degree(s). And, there are many more than 22 but this is a very small start so you can see a variety of specialties)