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what science courses should I be taking to become a radiologist?

I would like to know what will help me prepare. science

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2 answers

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Mahesh’s Answer

Radiology is an important part of the medical field, it is a medical doctor in a hospital or clinic labs to test X-ray images for caregivers to advise treatments plans. Therefore Radiologists should be well knowledgeable about X-Rays, MRIs, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound , CT scans and PET scans, and Nuclear Medicine. Radiologists are license requirements doctors.

Degree requirements : Doctor of Medicine (M.D) or a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)

Subject Requirements : Science : 1. Biology , 2. General and Organic Chemistry, 3. Physics, 4 Math

More effectively study well to get a high GPA and best Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) Score also, have a good resume & Recommendation . This will be lead to entering the Medical School.

Steps to Take to Become a Licensed Radiologist:

Mahesh recommends the following next steps:

Step 1: Get Bacholour Degree
Step 2: Entering Medical School.
Step 3 : Apply Internship and Residency
Step 4 : Enter a fellowship program
Step 5 : Take Licensure and Certifications , Finally Become Licensed Radiologist.
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Suzanne’s Answer

Eryx, in high school try to take biology, advanced biology if your school offers it, chemistry and, if offered, physics. If you can take AP or honors classes, do so. Look into taking classes at your local community college, too. When you get to college be sure you are in touch with the premed advisor right away. Most medical schools require at least a year of biology with labs, a year of inorganic chemistry with labs, a year of organic chemistry with labs. Some also require a term of physics and biochemistry.