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After you go to your 4-year college and get that done. What does post-graduate schooling look like for a PA?

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2 answers

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Alycia’s Answer

Hi Emma!

I am going to assume you mean Physician Assistant when you say PA. After earning a 4-year college degree, you are one step closer to being a PA. Most programs (if not all) require a bachelor's degree or equivalent to qualify as a PA student. Once you have that degree, it is really up to you what you want to do next. Most people take a gap year or two to build up their application, whether that be earning more patient care hours or taking a standardized test required by some PA programs (ex. the GRE, aiming for >300 score). Some pre-PAs (including myself) will enroll in a pos-bacc program to raise their GPA-- a non-degree program made up of science courses that are usually used to cover the prerequisites of the PA program of your choosing. As for myself, I am currently doing an informal post-bacc program with courses that I enjoy and will hopefully raise my GPA by the end of the semester.
As for PA school itself, most PA programs nowadays are Masters degrees, and will usually take 2-3 years to complete. The first portion of the program is didactic, where students will learn medicine in theory in a classroom. The second portion is clinical, where students will go on rotations usually through hospitals to gain hands-on clinical experience.
I hope this helps Emma! Good luck!

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Lolita’s Answer

Hello Emma,
PA- is to general. I am hoping you mean a CPA-Certified Public Accountant.