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Which career is more easier to find jobs?

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4 answers

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Mark’s Answer

In today's world most companies are facing a shortage of tech workers. This means programmers, yes, but it also means UI/UX designers, testers and most especially data scientists. Most companies are dealing with "too much data" and not enough analysis. They have mounds of data on their customers, but what to do with it?

If you enjoy computers you really can't go wrong with a computer science degree. This would let you get a career in any of the areas I mentioned above. But, as someone else said, it's also important to find something you enjoy doing.
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Jason’s Answer

It seems that you do not have a particular career interest. I would suggest picking three of your top favorite hobbies, thigns to do, places to go, or methods in which you are entertained to find something you care about and to get into that industry.
Every industry will have a variety of careers. Someone above said healthcare. While there are many job opportunities, career advancement is not going to happen without an educational component. For example, you need a BSN in nursing for a basic job as a registered nurse. Anything short of that and you will not move up beyond a basic supervisor job. However if you get an MSN, your world of opportunity expands tenfold.
but as an xray tech, phlebotomist, registrar, admissions coordinator, surgical coordinator, mri/radiology advanced tech- there is no advancement beyond a supervisor role.

I suggest finding an industry that interests you. You like entertainment? Great- go look at jobs in the media, social media, internet advertising, etc. movies, streaming services. All of those large corporate businesses have an immense hierarchy of jobs that can be sorted by type.

Easiest will not get you where you want to be.
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Linda’s Answer

In my humble opinion, i would believe it would the healthcare industry.

Regardless of economy, climate, globalization, the healthcare industry is always in demand of talents. Be it surgeons, therapist, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, radiologists - with the increase in need of healthcare support, the world is snatching qualified talents to upkeep their healthcare ecosystem.

Don't restrict your options to which career is more easier to find jobs. Instead, work towards a job that you would love to call it your career. Ask what you like, what you want, what interest you? Hope to hear your career goals!
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Tori’s Answer

Jobs that are typically “easy to get” are those that are in high demand with many opportunities.

Many of these roles require highly specialized education, or many people just generally aren’t interested or skilled enough in this work.

A good method to gauge what jobs have high numbers of opportunities are to do a google search for “in demand jobs2021” or whatever the year is going forward.

You can get an idea of the jobs that are in demand and those that have a positive outlook (meaning more job opportunities in the future).

You can then decide which of those appeal to your interests, search those jobs on career sites and determine what are the general requirements.

From there you can skill yourself to move into those roles.

Tori recommends the following next steps:

Google search “in demand jobs 2021”