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What type of equipment do you use in construction

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2 answers

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Henry’s Answer

This is a broad question and I have a variety of answers:

I will use a construction porject as an example, College/University / High Scool / Middle School / Elementary School

Construction Manager / Project Manager- could use several pieces of equipment or machinery, such as
computers (I-pads/ Laptops/ ), golf carts/ gators, cameras, pick-up trucks, and

Field Workforce:
Operators: could operate several pieces of equipment, for example, tower cranes, crawler cranes, bullodozers, man / material hoists, 15-ton pickers, and lull ton name a few.

Laborers: could use several kinds of equipment, such as hand tools (hammer/ drills/ brooms/ mixers, etc.), tamper machines, concrete buggies, and ladders are few items.

Ironworkers: could use a few different pieces of equipment, for example, hand tools (drills, hammers, pliers, wrenches, etc.), ladders, man-lift / scissor lift, automated drills & hammer, and wheel carts are a few.
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Robert’s Answer

This is pretty broad question - and the answer would really depend on what specifically or area of construction you would be involved with. Some examples:

1) Carpenters - could you use very wide variety of tools & equipment - from hammers, to saws, to drills to all sorts of hand tools.
2) Plumbers - could use variety of hand tools - like drills, pipe cutters, welders, soldering.
3) landscaping or earthwork - could involve large equipment like bobcats, backhoes, bulldozers, scrapers, dump trucks, to small tools like shovels, rakes, etc.