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What are some of the benefits you recieve from being a psychologist

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2 answers

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angie’s Answer

Hello, Keymari,

The question you are asking has many answers....I will try to give some.

Benefits to myself are:
- I see myself in others and I get to learn how to move through difficulties from another's point of view
- I feel a sense of pride and am proud of myself when I see my clients feeling better and understanding themselves more
- I get to be a part of other's lives, some I would not come in contact with within my day to day life
- I feel I belong with other psychologists and people in this field of the mind and emotion
- I get to set my own hours because I work for myself and my clients, so I have freedom
- I am naturally curious, so working this closely with clients fulfills that curiosity about how others live, love, and heal
- I get paid well for my time, and that is a nice benefit
- I get to help those who would normally not be able to pay for this type of deep work because insurance helps them, and I offer free hours to those in need, so I feel like I am helping my community
- And being a part of such a long profession, I get to read and be involved in new ideas and a mixture of old and new's fun!

Hope this helps.

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Victoria’s Answer

Great question! There are many benefits to being a psychologist and a Psy.D./Ph.D. can offer a variety of career options. A psychologist can be a professor, researcher, consultant, therapist, or assessment professional. Listed below are a few things that I believe are also benefits:

-can assist individuals, couples, families
-can work in pediatrics or focus on children
-can begin career as a therapist and then change careers to only involve teaching or conducting assessments (i.e. ADHD/IQ/etc.)