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How difficult is it to become qualified to coach a sports team professionally?

Updated Laurinburg, North Carolina

How hard is it to accomplish this occupation? #sports-management #coaching

2 answers

Yessica K.’s Answer

Updated Herndon, Virginia

Hi Bruce,

If you want to coach a team professionally, I recommend doing some research on schools that focus on a particular sport. For instance, there is a university in Colorado that focuses on preparing young adults to become Soccer managers. It is a very competitive program that only accepts 50 students every year. There are other programs around the nation and if you search for the particular sport that you are interested in coaching, you will find the right school for you.

Best of luck!

Steven’s Answer

Updated Herndon, Virginia

Will depend on the sport. But in the very general sense, Coaches tend to move around a lot and follow mentors while gaining experience at every level. My advice is to get experience at the lower levels and offer to work from the ground up. No job should be too small, and always try and learn from those you respect.

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