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Why did you choose your job?

I would like to know for my future career. #career-development

Hi Brendan. I wasn't sure what you meant by "job construction" but I guessed that you meant "job construct". If you meant "Why did you choose to get a job in the construction industry" then let me know and I can definitely update your question for you to reflect that. I also changed the topics to better attract volunteers who can answer your question. We'll get you some great answers! Jared Chung BACKER

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4 answers

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Ethel’s Answer

Hello Brenden,

This is an interesting question. For me, the answer has changed throughout my career. In the past, I accepted job roles to meet financial obligations. There was not a lot of decision making involved.

As I grew wiser, I realized I wanted something more than just a paycheck. We spend so much time at work, we should try to find a job that matches our values, insights about ourselves (our likes and dislikes), skills, interests and talents. When we can do this we are more fulfilled and happier at work. I've learned this first hand over time. Of course, not every day will be perfect, but in the big picture, finding a match in this way is sure to bring you greater happiness, fulfillment and productivity.

This topic is of great importance to me. So much so that I created a short eLearning course on the topic. I am offering it free to CareerVillage students. It will walk you through identifying and matching your preferences to specific jobs. A link to the course is below in the next steps.

Wishing you the best in finding the right career that will enable you to thrive!

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Andressa’s Answer

Hi Brenden,
The construction of my professional career was not exactly a choice of mine, because throughout my professional development I discovered several areas that I wanted to develop and many others that I discovered ease in learning.
I started as a trainee in a family business and soon discovered my ease and taste for working with sales. I had the opportunity to start a career in sales for a multinational metallurgical industry and today sales job in an IT multinational company (Dell). Along the way you will discover a lot about yourself and your professional desires that can change all the time. I recommend that you seek to do what gives you pleasure but also bring you growth opportunities in the market. Seek to keep up with issues that talk about the job market and create networks to meet people and talk to them about their areas of interest.
Good luck in your choices and a lot of success.

Regard from Brazil :)

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Erin’s Answer

Originally, it was due to the location. I wanted something closer to family. I entered the company at a very base level and continued to network, grow & develop into making this journey such a wonderful experience for over 10 years. I continue to challenge myself and expand my knowledge to be successful. I look forward to each day in the office and areas that I can improve the performance of our business.

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Monique’s Answer

I choose for something that would allow me to travel. I loved to travel, so I wanted a job that I could do anywhere in the world. Knowing that this was an important criteria, I based my inital choice on this criteria. There of course has been a lot of evolution since the first objectives, but I found that choosing something that is important part of your life makes the jobs more interesting.
Find your passion, find your activity which you are good at and try to include your hobbies. It gives a good start to your choice. Also remember, in our ever changing world, you can learn on the job new skills and activities.