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What's the difference between a LPN and a CNA ?

I wanted to join the medical field but i'm stuck on which a LPN or CNA is higher in nursing. Which is the better option?
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3 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Hi Ashanti great question! In general an LPN is a licensed practical nurse who is eligible to provide basic nursing care to patients. A CNA is a certified nursing assistant who works under the supervision of a nurse and performs duties that assist patients and nurses with daily routines.
As mentioned in the previous comment the pay or wage for these positions would be different as well. Overall both LPN's and CNA's are greatly needed in healthcare and can be rewarding careers. They are also great stepping stones for you to gain the skills and experience needed to become a RN or registered nurse if that is something that you may be interested in the future.

Good Luck and follow your dreams!
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Jamila’s Answer

An LPN (license professional nurse)or an LVN(license Vocational Nurse) is the entry level of nursing. This level of nurse is licensed in their state and recognize by the Board of nursing. A LPN or LVN has a high scope of practice than a CNA and delgates task to the CNA to perform. The schooling for an LPN is longer (length depends on the school you attend) there is a board exam called the NCLEX that they take to practice. A CNA (certified nursing assistant) scope of practice is very basic and in most settings only consist of performing activities of daily living (bathing, feeding, ambulation, vital signs, blood sugar checks, ect...)with patients. If you desire to be a nurse and you are choosing from the two, becoming and LPN would be the nursing route. Also, think about your ultimate goal and your future in healthcare, if you want to be a nurse, at what level of degree do you want to become; a Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or a Doctorate of Nusing practice. The question is which is better for you and your desired future in healthcare, a LPN or a CNA.
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Nia’s Answer

It’s the school and training they both receive and there is a difference in pay. Honestly if you plan on joining healthcare I would look into becoming a Physician or Nursing. If money is an issue there is scholarships available where if you excel academically you can qualify and they cover school costs and provide a stipend. Both LPNs and CNAs are health providers in the nursing profession. LPN are called (licensed practical nurse) they are allowed to provide basic nursing care to patients. CNA are called (certified nursing assistant ) and they work under the supervision of a nurse (possibly a LPN) and performs duties that assist patients and nurses (LPN, LVN, RN) with daily routines.
Each of those titles I listed again the difference is
1. Type of training
2. Pay
3. License
4. Responsibilities (CNA cannot pass certain meds and perform certain duties)

Nia recommends the following next steps:

Look at Medical School
Look at Nursing School
Ensure the programs have the right accreditation (ex. CCNE)
Believe in your ability to aim high!