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How to choose a college based on being an orthopedic pediatrician?

I am in high school. I am 16 and I know that this is something I love doing. I love taking care of children and helping them as well. doctor college healthcare nursing

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Charese’s Answer

I think looking into colleges that offer majors that are geared towards your interest would be better suited for you! However, it should be known that what matters more is how well you do in your major (which can be literally anything) while completing the pre-medical requirements in addition to the MCAT (a supplemental test for medical school) . You should also look into if there are programs within your school that provide opportunities in research and also opportunities to volunteer in both clinical and non-clinical settings to increase your hours that are necessary for medical school! If not, check out your surrounding area for private practices, hospitals, etc.

It's more of what you make the experience out of in college that matters more, and your abilities to show yourself as a well-rounded individual application wise for medical school that matters!