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Should I apply online or in person for a restaurant or retail job?

I need career advice.
Should i apply online or in person its for a job.
I ask maybe someone knows how did you get your first job was it online or in person what would you do? I mean a part time publix walmart mcdonalds restaurant/store job.

Hi Chris. Apply for what? For a job? For an internship? Let us know and I bet we could help out! Jared Chung BACKER

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4 answers

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Ajay’s Answer

Hello Chris,

I will suggest to apply in person at every opportunity, provided the prospective employer allows that practice. When you apply in person, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to know the employees already there and introduce yourself with confidence and with most important leave with an image of you being a humble, respectful & bold person and not timid & shy. Decision makers for line level positions often rely on existing employees' feel of candidates. They often ask senior employees to how they felt of the candidate?

If the prospective employer's process does not allow in-person application than apply on line and follow up with a phone call to decision maker pursuing your continued interest in the position. Be respectful of their time and decision.

Any further question/s, please feel to ask. Stay connected.

Best wishes,

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LaWanda’s Answer

Hi Chris,
Most places now allow you to apply online, if you go to the store just ask and they will guide you in the direction best to apply.
Hope this helps. Good luck to you!

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Danielle’s Answer

I myself applied for my first job in person at the local retail store. In the electronic era many are just going to applications online but making your presence known at the location you are applying for is important too. Make sure to dress appropriately and use your manners. This will set the stage for a great first impression. Good luck in your endeavors!

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Chris!

In today's electronic era, I feel that we are relying too much on electronics and thus becoming less social. We need to get back to recognizing the importance of interpersonal interactions as it allows us to become socially involved with the essence of our personality.

Given the choice, it is very advantageous to apply for a job in person, and, equally important, follow up after the application. When I was in Human Resources, I would not seriously consider an applicant unless he/she followed up on the application, because, without that, I did not know if the person was seriously interested in the job. Following up is very important. I called too many applicants who could not remember applying for my jobs or said that they were not really interested. Show that you are indeed interested in the job and follow up.

Let me know if and how this is of help. Keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress.