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How do i get started on being a professional actor on disney channel

im looking into being an actor #acting

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1 answer

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Daniela’s Answer


If you want to be a star on the Disney Channel, here's what you have to do...

Convince your parents to drop everything and take you to Burbank, California; where The Disney Channel Headquarters are located.

Secure a meeting with Judy Taylor, VP of Casting for The Disney Channel. The woman has a busier schedule than the President of the United States, and is more closely guarded too. To get her attention, you'll have to sift through hundreds of staffers, secretaries, interns, and security personnel.

Be AT LEAST 5 times prettier and more talented and than the likes of Miley Cyrus, Corbin Bleu, Brenda Song, Justin Bieber, Raven Symone, and the Jonas Brothers.

Prepare an earth-shattering audition on the fly.

More details in:

Good luck!

Thank you comment icon thanks do you have any advice for me to do if they wont move and i'm 12 so I couldn't go by myself? Snazzy