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How do I become a zookeeper?

What is the best way to become a zookeeper?

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2 answers

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Charl’s Answer

Zookeeper as a career falls under a much larger and more comprehensive group of careers, in which people focus on the care of animals. This means that if you do prepare to become a zookeeper, you will also have the skills and knowledge to branch out to other careers if you do wish to do so.

This is also a career where you can intern as a student (whether still in school, or already graduated) at a zoo near you. In most cases, they should have a student or volunteer program for you to join.

Most zookeeper careers will require a minimum of a College Diploma, but in countries where there is stronger competition for positions or stricter entry requirements, you will need a Bachelor's Degree with a possible major in either Animal Management, Biology, Animal Science, Zoology, Animal Behavioral Sciences, or other related fields.

Here is a link to a good overview of the career, as well as a very detailed list of all the others in animal care:

Here are the basic steps to follow when looking at a career or group of career:

Charl recommends the following next steps:

Do your homework! Read as much as you can on the career you are interested in so that you know all the pros and cons.
Try to align your high school subjects with the career requirements. Talk to your parents and school counsellor about the choices.
Gain knowledge! If you want to work with animals, try to learn as much as possible about each species. They have different behaviours and ways to look after them.
Gain experience! This is VERY important. Most places of employment will require experience in working with animals. Try and do volunteer work at zoos, animal sanctuariess, kennels etc. even while still in school.
Network! Join groups online and in person (such as clubs or societies) that regularly talk about the animals and/or career.
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Dario’s Answer

Hi Ethan M. ,

Should you try to contact the Zoos.
So search on Google all Zoo at least in your region, do a email list, with all emails of Zoos, and 1 by 1 contact them,
ask them if is possible to have some information about this field, and ask them if is possible to do a intership inside their zoo.

Best Regards,