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What kind of education should a teacher have?

I am wondering what majors a teacher should have and how long in collage it would take to get them? #teaching #teacher #education #career-details

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A degree in education is what you're after and different colleges offer different educational focuses - from early childhood education to secondary education. And once in the realm of secondary ed, you can choose a subject matter focus - such as math ed, science ed, music ed. English ed, Special ed, etc. The particular degrees or specialties can differ by college college catalogs are a wealth of information. An undergraduate degree is typically 4 years with your student teaching coming in the last semester of your senior year. That's basically an internship where you are assigned to work with a certified teacher full time for 10-14 weeks - depending on the college and the state where you will get your certification.

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At minimum you'll need a Bachelor's Degree in Education from an accredited University. That's 4 years of college including one semester of a student teaching. Majors depend on what grades you'd like to teach, for example:

newborn - pre K = Major in Early Childhood Education Grades K - 5/6 = Major is Elementary Education Grades 6 -12 = Major in Secondary Education w/subject matter focus (Examples: Chemistry Education, Math Education, Social Studies Education, Physical Education, etc)

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