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What kind of education should a teacher have?

I am wondering what majors a teacher should have and how long in collage it would take to get them? #teaching #teacher #education #career-details

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A degree in education is what you're after and different colleges offer different educational focuses - from early childhood education to secondary education. And once in the realm of secondary ed, you can choose a subject matter focus - such as math ed, science ed, music ed. English ed, Special ed, etc. The particular degrees or specialties can differ by college college catalogs are a wealth of information. An undergraduate degree is typically 4 years with your student teaching coming in the last semester of your senior year. That's basically an internship where you are assigned to work with a certified teacher full time for 10-14 weeks - depending on the college and the state where you will get your certification.

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At minimum you'll need a Bachelor's Degree in Education from an accredited University. That's 4 years of college including one semester of a student teaching. Majors depend on what grades you'd like to teach, for example:

newborn - pre K = Major in Early Childhood Education Grades K - 5/6 = Major is Elementary Education Grades 6 -12 = Major in Secondary Education w/subject matter focus (Examples: Chemistry Education, Math Education, Social Studies Education, Physical Education, etc)

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Always remember that teaching is not a job it is a service to your nation.

Teacher gives the shape to the children and it has equally important role into the children life as parents.

If you really looking for teaching then go with the moral science.

Thank you.

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I think it depends on what subject a teacher will be teaching and for what age group. Additionally, what you view a teacher should be.

Personally, speaking beyond academia, I believe it's very important that teachers are socio-emotionally aware of their environments (i.e. What kind of neighborhood are you? What is the demographic of your students vs. teachers).

An example situation is:

A kid in 8th grade seems to be displaying bad behavior, such as, yelling or not doing their work. Of course, there are situations where the student is genuinely being bad, but there are many circumstances where that student is dealing with negligent parents (divorce or busy parents) who needs some sort of attention.

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