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Possible Colleges for Hardware Engineering

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The reason to ask is because of curiosity and a project that I am doing and this information is the one thing I need to get for both purposes and support that. #hardwarecomputerengineer

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MIT, UC Berkeley, Yale are some of the top universities. You should try to look at what exactly in hardware you want to study, and investigate the job possibilities for those.

Dilip's choices aren't the only ones though. Basically any state school will have some kind of an engineering program. A school engineering program that specifically has the general degree title of "hardware engineer" is uncommon, like Washington State University has a Master's degree program in Engineering and Technology Management. I would counter-argue that, depending on what you mean by hardware, it might be more beneficial to get a Physics or Mathematics Doctoral degree. For example, look up the degrees held by folks who developed the Pentium chip and see how many of them came from an engineering background vs. math/science. Vinod Dham for example has his Bachelor's in electrical engineering, but his Master's in Physics. Andy Tennant