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Shanvi M. May 09

What are the benefits of a smart mirror?

I did an assignment which involved developing a smart mirror; to make it more valuable I added educational resources. Through this I was trying to convey that a smart mirror can be used globally in areas that don't facilitate education. The idea is if there's a smart mirror in most public...

#stem #technology #programming

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Shanvi M. Mar 05

How can I participate to bring a change in the world using AI?

My goal for using Artificial Intelligence is to be able to make an impact in the world. There are many people that aren't even familiar with the term, and I want to be there for them. I recently submitted a project on developing a smart mirror using educational resources. I later added an...

#career #tech

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Shanvi M. Mar 05

What impact can 5G have on education?

I know that 5G is the fifth generation of technology which enables the IOT (Internet of things) and mobile broad band. However, I would like to know what changes 5G would bring in education and student learning process?...


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Shanvi M. May 17, 2017

Possible Colleges for Hardware Engineering

The reason to ask is because of curiosity and a project that I am doing and this information is the one thing I need to get for both purposes and support that....