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What are some wasy AI helps us or can help us?

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Rohit’s Answer


AI always works on past data and facts and if something is repeatable and can be automated.

The use is in varied field but we can always start at grass root level.

Simple example : if we know that in a particular area there is a particular traffic pattern during the day, if we can study this pattern and automate traffic lights to allow better flow of traffic, rather than 1-2 min steady traffic light which does not favor traffic burst.

Similarly everyday examples are there which can be replicated to Artificial I or Machine Intelligence as they call it.

Bipin’s Answer


The idea here is that AI uses advanced data analysis by which it we can predict a lot more and pretty much accurate. For example recently AI has developed a mechanism by which they can predict certain types of Cancers much earlier.

Similarly in machines this can use to reduce the effort and avoid complex situations.

Andrew’s Answer


Year after year, improvements in AI have enabled us to perform more and more complex tasks.

These tasks impact every aspects of our lives, including work, home, and society as a whole. Some of these improvements relate to our understanding of the world, reasoning, and pattern matching. This is why we see smartphones getting smarter (e.g., Siri, autocompletion of messages, speech to text), as well as cars that are getting better at driving on their own (e.g., Tesla Motors Autopilot planning the best route home as well as handling the driving itself).

So in essence, AI makes your daily life easier by doing the repetitive and boring things so we can all focus on the more interesting parts, as well as uncovering a deeper understanding in human behavior to allow technology to work around and for us.

Priyam’s Answer

Artificial intelligence (AI) (AI) is a territory of computer science that stresses the formation of insightful machines that work and respond like human. A portion of the exercises computers with man-made reasoning are intended for include: Speech recognition. Learning.