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famina F. May 13, 2016 639 views

How do I become a photographer?

I know little to nothing about photography but want to begin to learn. #photography #photoshop #art...


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hadi G. Oct 10, 2017 573 views

Is being a software engineer a good job for the future?

i want to be a software engineer because technology is becoming the thing on earth now and being good at software would help alot. #technology #computer-software #software #software-engineering...


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Brandon W. Dec 17, 2019 259 views

What kind of challenges will I be facing as a Data Scientist?

I am 24 and I really like numbers and statistics. I have a variety of experiences in computer skills ranging from HTML and programming, to hardware and software installation. I never really considered a job in computers however the education required versus the salary available is very...

#computer #software #datascientist #technology #computer-programming #computer-science