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What does an average work day consist of for a Web Developer?

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4 answers

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Rohan’s Answer

Day will start with checking mails. There might be sudden change requests/modification requests from client with tight deadline. If your project is modular enough implementation will be less time consuming. If the project is messy, you will end up staying awake nights after nights coding and testing and ultimately rebuilding more than half of the application to modify small things.

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Jerel’s Answer

Hey Jason! Great question!

Its pretty typical to have a daily "standup" (a status check-in) with the team in the morning and get to work. I've worked on teams that work in 1-2 week iterations, so we typically set aside a few hours during that iteration to plan our upcoming work. Some days can be more meeting heavy, while other days you get to focus a lot more on code. When planning an upcoming feature, the teams I have worked on set aside time to talk about how to architect the code.

Most of the teams I have worked on give each member of the team individual tasks, so there is a lot of time where I would put on headphones and code for a while. My current team practices mob programming. After our standup, we have most of the day to write code, but we do it together as a team.

There are a lot of similarities between teams, but it can really depend on the team and the company you work for. In my experience, prepare to spend a good chunk of your time writing code, but also prepare to have some days where you may be in more meetings than you code.

I hope you find something that works best for you! If you're interviewing, I'd highly suggest getting a feel for the culture and get an idea what each of the developers do day-to-day.

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Priyam’s Answer

It depends on the project you are working on. 

Priyam recommends the following next steps:

If you building a project from scratch and the timeline to submit the project is less, the working hours can go very long.
But, if you are working in an already built project, you have to basically do the enhancement.

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Lev’s Answer

An average work day consists of checking in with the team on what you have done yesterday and plan to do today. Most of the day is usually spent writing code, sometimes designing new features or reading code to understand how unfamiliar parts of the system work.