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What are the benefits of a smart mirror?


I did an assignment which involved developing a smart mirror; to make it more valuable I added educational resources. Through this I was trying to convey that a smart mirror can be used globally in areas that don't facilitate education. The idea is if there's a smart mirror in most public areas for anyone to use no matter the wealth, life would be easier for those who want to learn by accessing the educational resources on the smart mirror. Anything that needs to be filtered out or identities of certain people that need to be saved can also be programmed into the smart mirror and be saved. This is just one way of thinking about the benefits of a smart mirror that will actually make an impact in your or someone else's life, but what are some other benefits? #programming #stem #technology

3 answers

Matthew’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Go with your answer. It takes the issue to a public scale and that alone is a worthy concept. Delve more deeply into it.

Yeshaswini N’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

A smart mirror is a device that functions as a mirror with additional capability of displaying multimedia data, such as text, images, and videos. This device allows users to access and interact with contextual information, such as weather data, seamlessly as part of their daily routine. SmartReflect is a software platform for developing smart mirror applications. The main features of SmartReflect are threefold: (1) It is modular, lightweight, and extensible; (2) It allows developers to sidestep the sandboxed environment created by web browsers; and (3) It supports plugins written in any programming languages. These improvements alleviate the hardware and software limitations inherent with the use of web browsers as a primary scriptable display method.

Souvik’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Good that you have explored the possibilities of using a smart mirror in education fields . Smart Mirrors can be very useful as interactive device. It can be used as something like Head up Display ( HUD) . One can easily get updated about Weather, Stock market, News while spending time in front of the mirror. Smart Mirrors has huge potential in case smart home technologies. It can be placed in public places i.e shopping malls, Restrooms, Elevators etc.

Smart Mirrors can be used in Smart vehicles. Example, the Rear View Mirror can be used to show important information about the Car/Road Condition/MAP etc.

Also, Smart Mirrors can be placed at medical facilities as well. Patients can see real time information about their health status with the help of basic sensors.