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Rudy Bauer

Cyber Security, Hardware Engineering, Systems Engineering
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Franklin, Massachusetts
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Mariana Sep 07, 2021 417 views

where can i look for a job

I am a professional in Orientation, in Costa Rica and I want to look for a job. #Orientaci #empleo

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Lillian Jul 14, 2021 1104 views

Are there any college majors that combine physics and neuroscience?

Physics and neuroscience are my main passions that I want to study more in college, but I am really tied between them, so does anyone know any majors that combine them? I thought about biomedical or electrical engineering, but I am open to more recommendations! #physics #college #engineering...

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Jul 12, 2021 722 views

Is being a intelligence analyst for the FBI a good choice?

My name is Nick, I work with kali Linux and really enjoy ethical hacking and cyber defense and anything with computers from MDM bypass and iCloud lock bypass on iPhones. I'm really good with electronics and can learn fast. I'm wondering if this would be a good career choice based on pay and how...

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Shantal Jul 05, 2021 877 views

What would be my best plan to save?

I am a very passive person although sometimes it can be something intense I like to work under pressure because I think that there I can get the best of me, I like it when I am sad sometimes because I really want to write and even more when I see an intriguing series it is as if my head really...

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jun 17, 2021 526 views

When did you know that you truly wanted the career that you currently have?

Hi, I'm a high school student and I'm trying to think about some potential jobs and career that I want to have when I am older. I was wondering when you found out that you wanted to do the job that you have now. This includes certain experiences & more. Thank you #career #career-search #high...

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Roosevon Oct 26, 2016 943 views

As a chemical engineer, do you realize any notable differences in the work ethics of female chemical engineers and male engineers? If so, what are some notable differences? If not, what are the similarities?

I am a female high school graduate who is looking to pursue a lifelong career in Chemical engineering. What drove me to ask this question is the simple fact that quite a few people have asked me why do I want to be a chemical engineer considering that I am a female, and "females just don't fit...

Reginald’s Avatar
Reginald Jun 04, 2021 663 views

Is it ok to include friends in to my business?

#business #friends

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Jun 02, 2021 508 views

If I want to become an Engineer what would It take?

I know my career goals is to become an engineer. But currently I'm in High school and have no experience of such. Any tips?

#career #engineer

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Stephanie May 26, 2021 423 views

What made you start acting? How’d you start?

Hello I’m currently researching this field for an assignment and wanted to gain more information through those who are in the field themselves.

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe May 25, 2021 498 views

What are some good tips when looking for a major?

#major #collegelife #juniorhs

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 19, 2021 440 views

How long does it take to complete a music technology program?


Callum’s Avatar
Callum May 20, 2021 688 views

What's it like to be in Career Village?

I have #autism. My life was very rough with it. I was struggling in #school all these years because I mad some of my #teachers mad in the past. All I want is to #graduate and go to #college so that I can get a #job. I have my #parents to support me. I sometimes like to dabble in...

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Saifullah Jan 26, 2020 525 views

What would be my job specifically?

I am a final year student of electrical engineering at NUST islamabad.
Seeking career in electrical field.

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 17, 2021 633 views

What are some good careers for someone who doesn't mind doing math and also wants to help people?

Helping people for me is making people feel physically better, like medicine and fitness. #career-counseling #math

Dey'ja’s Avatar
Dey'ja May 12, 2021 480 views

What would you like to learn more about in your field of expertise ?

I am Honest, ethical, conscientious #neurology #neuroscience #astrophysics