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Shaurya S.’s Avatar
Shaurya S. Aug 04, 2014 2861 views

What is the future for Computer Hardware Engineering

Will there be any jobs in future for Hardware Engineers? What kind of companies hire them? Is it better to do Computer Science and Engineering? P.S: I just started in community college and planning to transfer to UCLA. computer hardware...


Roosevon L.’s Avatar
Roosevon L. Oct 26, 2016 650 views

As a chemical engineer, do you realize any notable differences in the work ethics of female chemical engineers and male engineers? If so, what are some notable differences? If not, what are the similarities?

I am a female high school graduate who is looking to pursue a lifelong career in Chemical engineering. What drove me to ask this question is the simple fact that quite a few people have asked me why do I want to be a chemical engineer considering that I am a female, and "females just don't fit...

career work equality engineering ethic science women chemical

aleya S.’s Avatar
aleya S. Oct 29, 2016 1140 views

What kinds of things do people do in Cyber Security?

I have heard that they hack into a server for weaknesses in it, so they can make the server more safe from attacks. Is there more to it? technology cyber-security...


Shanvi M.’s Avatar
Shanvi M. May 17, 2017 564 views

Possible Colleges for Hardware Engineering

The reason to ask is because of curiosity and a project that I am doing and this information is the one thing I need to get for both purposes and support that....


Sumaiya Z.’s Avatar
Sumaiya Z. Sep 11, 2019 305 views

How do you manage and practice your emotional intelligence on a daily basis at work? How do you maintain a balanced work-life that leads to success at work and in personal life?

An young pioneer woman who is working hard everyday in order to succeed and accomplish all her goals. Also, learning the skills and certifications in order to prosper in Information Technology. Success technology ambitious Cybersecurity...


Saifullah K.’s Avatar
Saifullah K. Jan 26, 2020 246 views

What would be my job specifically?

I am a final year student of electrical engineering at NUST islamabad. Seeking career in electrical field....


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Sanskar G. May 02, 2021 313 views
Aishwary A.’s Avatar
Aishwary A. May 11, 2021 146 views

which job is good for me

Nathan O.’s Avatar
Nathan O. May 11, 2021 328 views

the process of becoming an engineer?

I always wanted to be an engineer....


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Dey'ja M. May 12, 2021 122 views
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tanyia R. May 13, 2021 153 views

is college hard and stressful

im a high school student that wants to go to college and get my degree ad begin my NICU journey high-school high-school-students NICU #...

Marcus J.’s Avatar
Marcus J. May 17, 2021 197 views

What are some good careers for someone who doesn't mind doing math and also wants to help people?

Helping people for me is making people feel physically better, like medicine and fitness. career-counseling...