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What would you like to learn more about in your field of expertise ?

I am Honest, ethical, conscientious neurology neuroscience astrophysics

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2 answers

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Rudy’s Answer

Quantum Computing and math.
I believe this is the next disruptive technology in my industry.
Quantum computing is not just about faster processing, but also will generate a new set of opportunities and challenges in areas that require high computing "horsepower".

An area that particularly applies to my industry is Cryptographic algorithms. Quantum computers would be able to break most if not all existing non-quantum encryption schemes. So we will need quantum resilient encryption to protect our data.

In the field of Astrophysics and Neuroscience - imagine being able to track millions of celestial bodies and artifacts or being able to run massive simulations to understand space or our brains better.

Hope this gets you excited in all of these fields!
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Mark’s Answer

Hi Dey'ja!!

As I became more seasoned I actually drifted away from learning about my actual field of expertise, like electrical engineering/telecom. I certainly could have known and learned more about telecommunications and the equipment we serviced, but my interests consistently drifted towards helping my younger colleagues hone their skills. Mind you, we're constantly learning about the technology as the industry demands it. However, I actually became more interested in writing, training, etc. Sharing my knowledge with all the up and coming engineers! My focus was more on laying out procedures and documentation. People come and go so fast these days! As a supervisor or manager, you invest in developing a SME and if they leave your organization because the grass is greener somewhere else, you had better hope that their expertise was documented! Just say'n.

Also, as I've seasoned, I've actually become more interested in the people I work with and how they were doing and processing, etc. We've become so isolated with our technology. Everything is email, chat and text.

With the field I'm in now, learning the business side is where I'd like to direct my focus.

Thanks for asking!