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Did you struggle to finish medical school?

Going to school for years can be exhausting. I want to know what you did to motivate yourself in finishing medical school and what you struggled at. #doctor #medicine #neuroscience #neurology

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2 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Time management is key. Between lecture, lab and studying, the first 2 years will be grueling. Make sure to leave time for yourself to exercise, eat right and even some socializing.
There will be times during 3rd and 4th year when you will be frustrated by your continued lack of skills and knowledge but just remember that there will be plenty of time to master your specialty during residency.

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Maria’s Answer

To be honest with you I loved medical school and enjoyed most of it. I preferred non-surgical rotations so I struggled a little with all surgical and ob-gyn rotations, but that is just my personal taste. Some of my friends were the opposite, they loved all kinds of surgical subjects.
I always wanted to be a doctor and particularly to become a neurologist, so I had to finish medical school to become a neurologist. I think that was my major motivation.
Overall the more positive you stay the less struggle you will find. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new and fascinating.
Best Wishes!