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What is information available for a forklift Driver?

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Emery. I am a Job Corps student at the Milwaukee center, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in Material Handling, and I would appreciate your perspective on the practical aspects of working in this area.
Here are the three questions I have for you.
1. What certification is required for this career?
2. What are some day to day aspects of this career?
3. What is a typical starting wage for this career choice? And How much room is there to grow?

Thank you in advance for your time.

Thank you comment icon Hello, Here are a couple of websites that may be helpful for you related to this topic: and,skills%2C%20you%20can%20look%20for%20forklift%20driver%20positions. Steve Ryan
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2 answers

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Katy’s Answer

Good Afternoon Emery,

I don't have personal experience as a forklift driver but my husband did this for many years. I believe you need to get a forklift license to qualify. As for a day in the life, you would basically drive parts and machinery from one point to another and update any movements you make into some sort of computer tracker. My husband often talked about frustrations around people not being safety conscious and that you had to be sure to track and monitor where you put things.

My suggestion to you would be to get your license, sign on with a company and see what types of further education they would help you with. Oftentimes, forklift drivers take technical degrees, paid for by their companies while driving. I know welding for instance, is in high demand.

In terms of pay, the driver is typically mid-range and hourly and the rates depend on where you are located geographically. If for instance, you were located in the MN metro area, and applied for say Toro, you would expect to start around $25/hr for this type of position. I'm sure it varies widely via industry and location though.

Good luck!

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Dario’s Answer

Hi Emery B. ,

If you want being a Material Handling like forklift operator, surerly should you get the lincense kind of "Forklift".

A tipical day in a werehouse, for a Forklift operator is move the object (for exemple: pallet with some objects) from a position to other position, following the indication of your "boss".

idk about the wage, anyway the grow, i don't belive that will be too huge if you do the same/basic manpower for all your work-life... surerly will be a grow, but if you want a big grow is mandatory get a differente skill-drive in a different vehicles like a crane/forklift trucks for containers and others...

I hope to helped you.

By Dario.