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What are some first steps I should do for a job that makes video games?

I'm not sure about what career I want but i know I like video game #video-games #career-details

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1 answer

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Scott’s Answer

Hi Jeff,

There are so many ways to be a part of making video games. It might help to start by taking a look at what you like to do, and how it could fit into a discipline:

Game Designer: storytelling, organization, socialization, leadership, "fun" person/good at parties, working with lists, planning, enjoys learning new things

Producer: scheduling, organization, "people" person, leadership

Programmer: problem solver, math, good with computers, enjoys learning, enjoys making things work

QA: problem solver, planning, detail oriented, okay with repetitive tasks

Artist: artistic ability, okay with repetitive tasks, scheduling

Once you've sort of identified an area that is interesting to you, focus on learning as much as you can about it. I learned the most about my career by going to college. I thought, when I started college, that I wanted to be an artist - but I learned so much more about games when I was there that I decided to become a Game Designer instead.
If college is too much right now, there are lots of online courses and indy game groups you can join to get started right away. Just search for whatever discipline you like and "learn how" and you'll find all kinds of stuff.
Also, there are a few websites that are good to check out from time to time since they talk about what's happening in the industry:

Hope this is a good place for you to get started! Oh, and no matter what you decide there are two important things: learn as much as you can about computers (maybe take a computer science course at your local community college) and HAVE FUN!