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What's your Goal and How do you Accomplish It?

I personally think if your gonna plan your goals i say its a very great idea to accomplish your goals I mean think about it why would you plan something that you don't understand or actually wanna do it has to be something that you plan no one can plan your goals for you.. #responsibility #self-esteem

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4 answers

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Rob’s Answer

I agree with you that your goals should be your own. You are less likely to accomplish a goal if you don't really believe in it. But my advice is to set small goals for yourself. For instance when I was younger and just starting out in my career, I didn't have a clear picture of what I would be doing twenty years later. I couldn't have predicted the job I would have (it didn't even exist!) But what helped me to be successful was always working hard to get to the next level. You should always want to be the best at whatever you are doing now, and keep your eyes open for the next challenge. I believe that if you do that, opportunities will open up for you. They may not even be the ones you expected; but they will eventually lead you to where you want to go. Take pride in the work you do, and don't be afraid to ask for help or to pursue opportunities when they arise. If you do that you will be successful in life, whatever path you might take to get there. I hope this advice is helpful to you and best of luck in the future!

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Margaret’s Answer

I do agree with you that individuals need to asses likes, dislikes and plan accordingly. That said, sometimes when you get involved in areas that you're not that familiar with - it's a potential opportunity you may not have known you'd be interested in. It's important to be open-minded , to be curious and take chances. We all have to advocate for ourselves. The more knowledge you have, is always a good thing. Knowledge is power!! Persistence is also important with setting or planning goals. If you try, no matter what the outcome, it's a win. I work in commercial real estate. I found that important opportunities can arise from difficult conversations. Developing relationships; builds confidence - never underestimate yourself!!

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Simeon’s Answer

One of my goals is to improve my DM skills for DnD. I spend a lot of my free time listening to podcasts, reading books, and looking through my notes on good role play. Plus, each time DMing a campaign gives me a chance to try out new skills and reflect on what went well and what did not. It's more of a long-term goal.

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Barbara’s Answer

I like what you said about You picking your goals because it is your life and who would know better than you . I find it easier to plan things on paper , then I can study it to see what can be added or deleted as I learn more about the Goals I pick . I would put one goal on a piece of paper then look at the positive reasons to follow that path . I would make another list of what may be a reason not to go in that direction. Keep adding to those lists as you learn more .

Barbara recommends the following next steps:

Discuss pro’s and con’s with people you admire
People to ask : parents , teachers, guidance counselor s, church , healthcare people
If possible go online or to a library and ask librarian how to look up your goal
Try to do this with 3 goals
After you pick the goal you want to work on , write the first step to take for that goal and follow your advice ... you are awesome ! This was a hard plan , but you Did It!!!