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Why does real estate take so much work and dedication ?

I am interested in real estate and trying to find out how much work and dedication it will take to accomplish it.

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2 answers

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angie’s Answer

Why does real estate take so much work and dedication?
I am interested in real estate and trying to find out how much work and dedication it will take to accomplish it.

Hello, Reagan,
My friend is a real estate agent, and it took her 5 months to get her license. It usually takes 4-6 months on average. But every state has different requirements, so you must look into that. You must study and take a test. The reason why is you are working with people, and you are signing legal documents. You are legally responsible for the contracts. You must know them well, not only for legal reasons but because people buying a home will count on you to know what it all means - and the contracts are long. We just bought a house last year, so I know.

After you get your license, you will need to work with someone to be taught all the other ins and outs of real estate. I would find someone who is willing to help you learn - maybe a mentor. You will also be working evenings and weekends. That's when most people can get off work to go look at houses. You will be on-call, really, as a young agent in a firm. So, get ready to work and work hard...but if you do this and you are kind and respectful of home buyers and home sellers, you will gain a good reputation, and people will want to work with you.

Putting a lot of work upfront in this industry will pay off later.

I found this on the real estate requirements for the state you live in:

You must take 90 hours of pre-license education (this requirement will increase to 120 hours as of Oct. 2021), be 18 years of age, and pass a background check before taking the state real estate exam. Afterward, you must complete 24 hours of continuing education every two years.

Good luck!!
Go for it.
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Aaron’s Answer

I'm a Real Estate Broker in Alabama. Real Estate is simple, it isn't easy. It can be very rewarding and a great career. As far as how much work and dedication, it will take a lot to be successfully, especially at first. Though there is no ceiling to the size of business you can grow. It's up to you. You put more in, you get more out.
You are helping people with what for most is the largest purchase they may ever make. Your clients will be trusting you to lead them through the transaction and advise them every step of the way. You'll lean how to do this mostly once you are licensed and with a Brokerage. Make sure you join one that will train and support you.
It is for the most part commission based. So until your client closes on the sale or purchase of thier home, you don't get paid. A lot of work up front.
As long as you are good with people, put clients first, and treat people the right way, you'll be able to be successful.
Each state has its own requirements for licensing. My company actually has a free prelicense class available in most states. These classes will teach y9u the national and state laws, get you ready to pass the state exam, and then you would typically find a Brokerage to hold your license.
Hope this helped!

Aaron recommends the following next steps:

Look up your states Real Estate Commission for info on license requirements (hours needed etc)
Reach out and let me connect you with a great local office that may have training available.
Most states will require a HS Deploma and or GED at a min and be at least 18. (AL 19)