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What is the most challenging in school when trying to become a Registered Nurse?

I am looking to become a RN, but I want to know as much about what goes into the education process as I can before I decide that it is what I want to do.

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2 answers

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Eric’s Answer

Dear Grace
Excellent question I would echo my college.
I would ask you from a stand point of. Who? what? when? where? and why?".
Just for obvious reasons.

1. Who: Have you seen working as a nurse?
Family, friends, TV. 911? General Hospital? COVID disease?

2.What. What made you think of an interest in the field of nursing?
What has influenced you to inquire about this occupation?
Fame, fortune? The need to heal and help others?
Are you good with your grades in school, some schools have GPA qualifications. What areas of nursing that interests you?
New Born delivery Psych Nursing ER Nursing? Medical Surgical Operating Room?

3.When. are you thinking about becoming a nurse. Long term short term goals.

4.Where. Are you planning to attend? In state out of state? where will you be living ? How will you support yourself while going to school. what will you be eating it gets that serious when you're studying and forget to eat dinner or lunch.

5.Why. One does not become a nurse for money or fame or glory
sometimes it is grueling hours and situations that deal with life and death. As my college alluded to long sleepless nights studying the multi theories about all subjects of life and what makes it tic.
I would suggest that you try to see if you could arrange a job shadow with your Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in your state. DHS is good with determining job interests and suitability.
Also write to different Schools of Nursing and the State Board is a good source of references.
One thing is for sure you will never run out of work as long as there are people and there is a definite need.
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for answering my question. I have good grades in GPA and I want to become a nurse because I love working with people and I was a CNA for a while and I loved it. Grace
Thank you comment icon Hi Eric! Thanks for providing all this great info. I’m curious though if you have any advice for this student to address their main question around which parts of nursing school are the most challenging. Are there any details you can add about this? Thanks in advance!! Alexandra Carpenter, Admin
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Jaclyn’s Answer

Congratulations on your decision to become a nurse! It’s truly one of the most admirable professions. With that being said, nursing school is tough! You can do it but it will take dedication and hard work. Truthfully, getting a job and working 12 hour shifts was easier than nursing school! My best advice is :
* study a lot! Find a study partner that you work well together
* during clinicals do everything you get the opportunity to do. It’s your best learning time so take initiative
* have an open mind of what area you would like to specialize in. You may be surprised at what area you are most interested in
* work in a hospital while in school- you will learn so many hands on skills
* if possible, get your Bachelor’s degree now. Many hospitals are only wanting to hire those who have a BSN
Good luck to you! I know you will be so happy with your decision to become a nurse .
Jaclyn Dyer