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What Kind Of Classes do you have to take to become a Paramedic?

I want to go into a profession of helping people.

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1 answer

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Kess’s Answer

Hi Maris!

Paramedics are always needed!

The steps to becoming a paramedic are usually: graduate high school, apply for and attend emergency medical technician (EMT) school, apply for and attend paramedic school. This is often a 2-3 year process. Many people work as EMTs while attending classes to achieve paramedic status.
Some people get their EMT license through the military.

This is an EMT course offered in your area:

This is a paramedic course offered in your area:

You'll also need to complete more classes and training to keep your license once you finish school. Often, the organization that you work for can help you with this.

Kess recommends the following next steps:

Graduate high school (I don't know what level you are starting at so we will start at the base level)
Apply for and attend EMT school (make sure to apply for financial aid through FAFSA).
Keep going! You can do it!
Apply for and attend Paramedic school.