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Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Jul 15 945 views

What is the biggest challenge, if any, to become an art teacher?

I was wondering what it feels like to be an art teacher in this almost close to AI-driven era, or simply just being a teacher at the moment, what are the challenges? Does the innovation of artificial intelligence have an impact on visual arts teaching?

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe Jul 17 629 views

How do I become a better singer/dancer?

Hi, I am Zoe, I'm in 6th grade, and I like singing and dancing. Iwant to prepare for a singing/dancing audition. I have been practicing singing and dancing, but I'm not improving. My vocal range is not broad, but I don't know how to improve it. ?

Piyush’s Avatar
Piyush Jul 20 444 views

What should I do? Can I change my mindset?

I don't even try, even after 100s of times. May be you will give your time, read this whole stuff, and answer me, and I just read your response. Imay do better for 2–3 days, then again on the same pathetic track, or i may not even take action because you didn't give me a magic spell to change...

Dinesh’s Avatar
Dinesh Jul 19 725 views

What career choices intersect computer science, finance, and artificial intelligence?

I have an interest in the technology sector such as software development and AI. However, I also like the business side, especially the financial sector. Is there a career or career path that intersects computing science and artificial Intelligence finance with the financial sector? Note; By...

Franciscah’s Avatar
Franciscah Jul 16 194 views

How do I get help to take my career there at Finland?

What will you advice me about the cause have chosen?

Cayden’s Avatar
Cayden Jun 18 225 views

Hey, my name is Cayden. I am a student at Job Corps, and I was wondering what Office Administration as a trade is like. And what have you learned ?

I'm pursuing Office Administration at my Job Corps because I want to become a Philosophy and Religion Teacher.

Jin’s Avatar
Jin Jul 04 438 views

What can high school students do to further reach career goals in STEM ?

I am a 17-year-old rising senior in high school and wish to pursue biology in the future. I did a Student-mentor DNA barcoding research in my sophomore year. I hope to get more experience in science but amn't sure where to be looking or what I should be doing.

Aarushi’s Avatar
Aarushi Jul 05 459 views

What are some career options if you major in genetics in college?

Is there a lot of demand for these jobs? Or is it limited?

stacy’s Avatar
stacy Jul 09 594 views

What skills are important in any job?

tips of maintaining a job

Greg’s Avatar
Greg Jul 09 264 views

how to become a lecturer?

mechanical engineering

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 06 830 views

How can I get into publication design from a marketing background?

I have a marketing design background and without experience I can't seem to get an interview. How did you break into a new field?

Caitlyn’s Avatar
Caitlyn Jul 08 359 views

What goals should I set for someone who is not entirely sure of what they wish to pursue yet?

I haven't entirely chosen the path I want to take yet but I want to be able to set some goals, how should I do this?

Not’s Avatar
Not Jun 20 351 views

I'm Looking To learn more about Aerospace Engineering

I'm currently a student at Job Corps in NH and am looking to help design the next generation of Aircraft and space exploration rockets for the United States. I'm taking Adv. manufacturing where my Teacher was a defense contractor and is very knowledgeable about aerospace engineering and has...

Donna’s Avatar
Donna Jun 18 176 views

how can i get a job with a degree in zoology?

jobs with wildlife

Shane’s Avatar
Shane Jun 19 503 views

What's a good job that's suitable for someone with a learning disability ?

I have a hard time gathering information mentally. I like result-driven, checking errors, and I like being hands on. Speech is very hard for me due to my learning disability, so I have a better time writing what I have to say clearly. I have empathy. I love helping people go through their...