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Lagos, Nigeria

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Racheal 10 hours ago 248 views

HR skills?

Interview questions for an HR and skills and software required for an HR fresher?

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Emmanuel Feb 19 348 views

What course of study in Tech should I take for interests in football right-player/coach recruitment, player performance and consultations in in-game play tactics? I'm wondering if there's a job title or tech study related to such? I'm a high school graduate, please help. Thanks

I'm a high school graduate

I notice things before it becomes general knowledge

I have passion for football being played successfully and beautifully.

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Akinterinwa Feb 13 747 views

How can I secure a remote junior frontend developer position or internship after completing a coding bootcamp?

I've recently completed a coding bootcamp with a focus on frontend development, and I'm eager to kickstart my career in this field. Despite my newfound skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, I'm facing challenges in landing remote junior frontend developer roles or internships. I'm seeking...

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Faisol Jan 13 850 views

what can you do with python and linux?

What are the things you can do with python programming language and linux operating system together ?

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Faisol Dec 05, 2023 383 views

How important is programming in cybersecurity?

What is also the best programming language in cybersecurity and what are the applications of programming in cyber-security.

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Faisol Nov 29, 2023 497 views

Where is the best place to get free cybersecurity hands on experience?

#cyber-security #hands-on

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Samuel Nov 28, 2023 266 views

Am not a high school graduate but I want to succeed with my skill and talent how do I go about this in though it hurt me a lot and cause me pain?

How to succeed the ridiculous of life without formal education

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Umar-Faruk Nov 28, 2023 186 views

Is it possible to study neurosurgery with a degree in physiology ?

I am a college student currently studying physiology and aspiring to become a neurosurgeon and a cardiologist but I'm not sure if my current course will be of any use to what I am aspiring to be

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Omolaja Nov 28, 2023 343 views

What does a Computer Systems Technician do on a day to day basis?

What does computer system Technician do

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Faisol Nov 26, 2023 352 views

What aspect of cybersecurity pays the most money?

#cybersecurity #computer science #cyber

HASSANAT Nov 11, 2023 83 views



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Juliana Jun 01, 2023 687 views

What advice would you give an accounting graduate who is trying to build a career in human resources Management? Or do you suggest she should just gave Finance?

What advice would you give an accounting graduate who is trying to build a career in human resources Management?
Or do you suggest she should just gave Finance?

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Hhy May 10, 2023 288 views

What can I do if I have conflict with a teacher?

How do I solve the feud between me and my teacher? I think she hates me and even if I do something good or get a good test score, she mark's it as an F. I didnt do anything to her; I'm just always quiet in her room since I'm a introvert I dont like talking to people. She recently moved me to...

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Morenike Feb 22, 2023 226 views

How to continue education after years of education gab ?

How to obtain a low tuition fees university in Canada for 2023 . Thank you for this platform .

My second question is what’s the best route to take when you want to further education after years of educational gab .

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Nwachukwu Jan 15, 2023 322 views

Jobs in Canada with Diploma Certificate in Prosthetics and Orthotics Technology?

How can I get job in Canada

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