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chize O.’s Avatar
chize O. Feb 20, 2018 337 views

Hello, I am 13 years old and I want to become a pediatrician but I get confused with the terms like bachelors degree, PhD, residency etc. but I want to start planning out my life or at least the career part and I want you to explain to me

Hello, I am 13 years old and I want to become a pediatrician but I get confused with the terms like bachelors degree, PhD, residency etc. but I want to start planning out my life or at least the career part and I want you to explain to me exactly in details what those terms are and other...

#pediatrician #medicine

Afolabi O.’s Avatar
Afolabi O. Apr 07 314 views

How to make money from doing what you love

I am a computer science undergraduate, I am not a fan of programming like that, I do and I like it though but I love coaching and acting. But making it in coaching and acting is a tough one.#computer-science #acting...


John O.’s Avatar
John O. Apr 27 164 views

How do I go about getting scholarships for my masters degree program?

I am a student of Information and communications engineering, I have keen interest in the fields of information security, IoT and software development. I am currently a 4th year student of Covenant University in Nigeria, I am looking to do my masters in the field of software engineering in...

#education #engineer #technology

Elizabeth O.’s Avatar
Elizabeth O. Jul 06, 2019 271 views
Afolabi O.’s Avatar
Afolabi O. Apr 07 192 views

Coaching Academy

Please how can I get into a coaching academy in the UK...


Opeoluwa E.’s Avatar
Opeoluwa E. Apr 09, 2019 175 views
Abraham S.’s Avatar
Abraham S. Mar 05 160 views
Uduak-Abasi E.’s Avatar
Uduak-Abasi E. May 09 127 views

What colleges in Canada to major in MBBS?

I am passionate about #food and #medicine. I am getting a first degree in #food #science and #technology, but i still want to get a professional degree in #medicine and...


Hammed S.’s Avatar
Hammed S. Jan 16, 2018 269 views

What is the next thing to do after discovering two things that you love doing?

I am currently fighting it out on my music and designing passion, I love both, yes I love music more and I grew up in church, half of my life has been in church, but I love music from the secular world a lot and some good Christian music, but no doubt that I love hip-hop rnb rap music a...

#music #composing #career-choice #conflict #design

Ezra O.’s Avatar
Ezra O. Jun 19, 2014 640 views

Hi, How attainable is a good career in Information Technology?

I just finished my first degree in computer engineering, with a 2:2. and recently gained admission to study Information technology at MSc level. I however have completed my CCNP cisco examinations and confused on career paths to take as I'm also interested in information/ cyber security...


Somkene O.’s Avatar
Somkene O. Aug 01, 2019 98 views

I don't know why I want to be a mechanical engineer

I like physics and maths I enjoy creating / making stuffs #mechanical-engineering...


Chiatuiro D.’s Avatar
Chiatuiro D. Jul 18, 2018 284 views

What would be the better choice between computer hardware/electronics and programming

Am already in the college studying computer engineering but am unsure of where to major in my field since I like both electronics and programming....


Hammed S.’s Avatar
Hammed S. Jan 16, 2018 324 views

What does it takes to be successful in an unconducive environment?

I discover most people in Nigeria and Africa go out to source for good living in the USA and European countries and in my statistics 85% of these people are always successful when they come back to their various birth countries compared to those that stay in there countries to make it to the...

#success #working-abroad #international

Charisa E.’s Avatar
Charisa E. May 31, 2018 284 views

Medical Science - Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Hematology and Ophthamology. What should I go for?

I'm personally interested in Medical Science particularly; hematology, opthamology, orthopedics and neuroscience. I've not yet made up my mind on a particular one to go for. How do I know the one to specialise on? #medicine #medical-field #med #neuroscience...


Charisa E.’s Avatar
Charisa E. May 31, 2018 297 views

How do you feel when a patient dies in your hands as a surgeon?

I've heard lots of stories about surgeons and their experience when it comes to operating a patient. I'm curious to know how one would feel after realising that a patient just died while still operating him/her? #medicine #surgeon #healthcare...


Okefie B.’s Avatar
Okefie B. Jun 07, 2016 438 views

what are your interest in business education?

Am bridget, why am asking this is that I applied for accounting in a university and I was not offer the admission instead I was given business education...


Bolu  M.’s Avatar
Bolu M. Aug 18, 2016 661 views

I'm an architectural student but I want to cross over to cosmetology

I have always loved the idea of owning a spa but for some reasons I ended up studying architecture. I thought I could still study for cosmetology at least on a minimal level but it turns out architecture is taking all my time. I want to stop studying architecture and focus on what I had in...

#counselor #cosmetologist #beautician #business #architecture #spa

aku A.’s Avatar
aku A. Jan 31, 2017 604 views

i want to know more about mechanical engineering, and what it takes to become a mechanical engineer

i asked the question because that is what i want to study in school...


Reuben M.’s Avatar
Reuben M. Jan 05, 2017 618 views

which subject is needed for computer programming

My name is Mathias, i just finished my secondary school and i want to study computer programming and didn't know the subject they will ask for in the university. i also want to know the best university in Nigeria to study computer engineering. #computer-software #computer #programming...

#software-development #computer-games

Stanislaus N.’s Avatar
Stanislaus N. Jul 04, 2016 545 views

Actually, I will like to know what it takes to be outstanding in my field of study and also; does one really need to be in the best school before he/she can be a genius in whatsoever field of study they choose?

My name is Stanislaus,I'm a final year Student of Ecole des techniciens superieur du Benin. I'm currently studying computer science and I really have so much passion for it. I don't want to operate in a level of mediocrity as regards my course. I'm also a pianist. Well my reasons for asking...

#programming #ethical-hacking #compute #computer-software #cctv #it-management

doris C.’s Avatar
doris C. Jul 28, 2016 663 views

how can one become successful as an aeronautical engineer from high school

Well,I want to become an aeronautical engineer so I would like to know what it takes to become one #engineering...


Olivia  O.’s Avatar
Olivia O. Mar 21, 2017 459 views


Please I want to know if anyone can direct me a free university either in Canada, New York or in dubai I really want to further more in my education abroad. Actually am still in grade 11 so if I get any help I will still need to wait for a year.. Please if you can help me please help me work...

#find #free #education #university #scholarship

Olivia  O.’s Avatar
Olivia O. Mar 19, 2017 291 views


I want to be a gynaecologist, please how many years am I supposed to be prepared to stay in college for and I will also like to know what is required of me to do before I can get into college...


precious U.’s Avatar
precious U. Feb 22, 2016 364 views

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