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career related questions

Why are interested In this career? How do you feel about working with other people? What are your plans after High school? How can you make an impact?

Thank you comment icon Hi Shavonne. These look like questions that you might be the best person to answer! I would suggest rewording your question so that Professionals can get you the information you are looking for about careers. Thanks for using CV! Alexandra Carpenter, Admin

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1 answer

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Elsy’s Answer

It can be hard not to know how to choose a career path or even what to study, but you should always keep in mind all the things that make you happy and the things you're good at, for example, I studied communication sciences and my major was in Advertising, however since a very young age I became and English teacher, as it is not the main language in my country.
I saw that communication was closely related to all the other fields, it's the foundation of everything, so with this knowledge and an advanced Enlglish level I started working for the technology industry as a translator and then I started moving around into administrative jobs within the industry. I realized my career was something that made me happy but I am very good at my job ... combining all my skills and things that I like I ended up in a great company that makes me happy and that also allows me and other people to set an example and trying to do a change in the world.
Think about what makes you happy and all the things that now you think of them as hobbies, that might give you a starting point to decide.
Hope this is helpful!