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Genevieve’s Avatar
Genevieve Sep 27, 2022 258 views

What is the difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst?

Can a data scientist work as a data analyst?

praveen’s Avatar
praveen Jun 22, 2016 1470 views

who invented the technology

i want to know this answer. #teacher

Jeevika’s Avatar
Jeevika Apr 29, 2016 531 views

How to treat the heart patient ?

Hai ! I am jeevika . Now a days so many people are affected with heart attack so, How to treat the the heart patient immediate situation before going to doctor to save his life. How to control Heart Attacks #doctor #teaching #teacher #professor #educator #cardiology

Lucas’s Avatar
Lucas Sep 23, 2022 190 views

Why did you decide to work in this industry?

My goal is to gain a better understanding of what other people think about an industry before I choose a career

Ezhilarasi’s Avatar
Ezhilarasi Jun 15, 2016 475 views

who discover the micro organisns

for my studies #teaching

Shavonne’s Avatar
Shavonne Sep 22, 2022 191 views

career related questions

Why are interested In this career? How do you feel about working with other people? What are your plans after High school? How can you make an impact?

seth’s Avatar
seth Jun 20, 2016 520 views

what job can i get with bachelors in history?

im a sophomore in college and major in history and was looking around to see what jobs i can do right after college. i do plan on becoming a teacher but would like to find a another job to do before i settle into a teaching job.i have look at jobs at museums. #teacher #museums

reshinth’s Avatar
reshinth Sep 26, 2022 82 views

after 12th what we can do how we can choose?

how I can choose my career and will be best