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What advice do you have for someone new to the computer system field

Willing to work hard is a good first impression and be punctual

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1 answer

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Rebecca’s Answer

Thank you for your question. I am glad that you are interested in Technology area.
In fact, there are many different sectors in technology, e.g. Development, System Engineering, Application Support, System Support, etc. In each of these sector, it can be further divided into platforms. E.g. In development, there are different platforms, e.g. Web, Apps, ERP, System, etc. Each may need different programming language and platform knowledge and skills.
I suggest you can consider approach below :
1. Take Computer Science course in the college. It can give an overview in technology industry
2. Find out more information in these careers
3. Speak to alumni and professors on the careers you have interest on
4. Explore any intern opportunities on the careers you have interest on
Hope this helps! Good Luck!