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What kind of careers would be connected with Math and statistics more directly?

Asked Beijing, China

I'm a 11th grade student. I'm pretty good at Math and I'm very interested in Statistics. So I really want to know what kind of work I could do that will use statistics? #mathematics

2 answers

Christopher’s Answer

Updated Irvine, California

Data scientist / data analyst is a career that leans heavily on statistics and will probably be in demand for the foreseeable future. Check out the Wikipedia entry for some good information about the field.

Thank you!

Kavita’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Hi Jacqueline!

Great to hear you interest in Math and Statistics.

Math and Statistics are being used more and more in diverse industries as amount of data being generated is growing - mostly produced by machines (web servers, telemetry, sensor data, Financial instrument etc). Given the voluminous nature of this data, there are big challenges to analyze it. That is where statistics and machine learning comes into play - to find meaning and patterns, followed by data driven decisions.

Once you have completed your education in these areas (mostly a Masters and/or PhD is required), you can work as a Data Scientist in a tech company, as an investment banker, a bio-statistician or even an economist.

Hope this helps and Good luck!