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Nicholas G. Apr 08, 2014 1732 views

How stressful is studying math in college?

I am interested in studying math in college, but I do not want to constantly being under stress throughout college. I have heard rumors that majoring in math can be extremely stressful. What do you think? What resources would I have in college for assistance?...


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Sage K. Apr 22, 2014 13970 views

What kind of career(s) integrate math and/or science with art?

I am currently a sophomore in high school and am really interested in art. Although I would like to be able to just focus on art in the future, it sounds too risky to try to make a living by just drawing and painting. I also really enjoy math and science, and would be very interested in...

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Jonya B. Jul 18, 2014 3115 views

How can I stand out for programming jobs straight from high school?

When I graduate high school I'm going to go to college but I also want to try to get some summer or after school jobs to help pay for school. What can I do to stand out for the competition? For example does it matter if I do a team sport or other things or are my grades and programming...

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Jacqueline W. Jul 19, 2014 628 views

What kind of careers would be connected with Math and statistics more directly?

I'm a 11th grade student. I'm pretty good at Math and I'm very interested in Statistics. So I really want to know what kind of work I could do that will use statistics?...


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Michael A. Dec 16, 2014 1522 views

My current high school doesn't have programming classes ?

I had a plan in my old school to take 2 years of programming but I moved. My new school has no programming classes and I don't want to go into college with no experience in the field. I want to go into the game design field and be a programmer but I am worried that I won't know anything about...

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Sophie T. Dec 16, 2014 1815 views

How long does it take to get a PHD or Doctorate in the sciences?

I love to learn and wish to receive the highest level of research education as possible. I also love to travel around the world so I was curious about how long each degree would require #science #astronomy #astrophysics #science-phd...