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can i study in the US as a pre med undergrad if im not american?

i am an international student looking fr scholarships to study anything to do with medicine and health care as an undergrad in the US what are my chances of being able to achieve this? #medicine #futuredoctor

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2 answers

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Hwal’s Answer


It's certainly possible for an international student to study in the U.S. to become a healthcare professional. I would say your "chances" depend on your qualifications and how hard you work.

Good luck!


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Marina’s Answer

Hi, Mishkah. I'm sorry, I can not help in US but I can in Europe. I've made my pre-med grade on Budapest (Hungry) being an international student. There's a very good school which prepare you for a very good future everywhere. If you don't get answers related to US pre-med courses I can give you the name of that college. I have friends who did that pre-med in Budapest and get vacant in UK or US after that, because they spend all year studying while looking for the best University for themselves.

Hope you're lucky in US.