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If i have a certificate in finance am i only certified for entry level positions?

Asked Malden, Massachusetts

I am in the process of obtain a certificate in finance and want to be prepared for if i need to further my education. thank you #finance

2 answers

Alison’s Answer

Updated Grain Valley, Missouri

Hello. To answer your question it would help to know which area of finance you would like to find yourself working in. If there is a position below the one you really want which uses or requires the certificate that would be the ideal start. Volunteering, leadership skills, team building, and speech are your very best friend to get that once in a lifetime opportunity. Be sure to check if the certification body has in - house employer matching. Not all certificates are alike so be very sure you know what yours says about you.

yea i agree

Gary’s Answer

Updated Buford, Georgia

Almost every job or position that you receive after your first college degree will probably be entry level because no employer knows at the point of hiring how well you will fit into that organization, how dependable you are, if you had work experience before college and will it relate to his needs, how will you relate to other employees, customers-clients, and others who are relevant to that employer's product or service, are you an introvert or extrovert, and did you serve an internship with an employer during college summers? Finance jobs range from working in taxation, corporate financial management, government financial positions at city, county, state and national levels, financial planning, accounting, financial consulting (when you have the experience needed by a consultant), teaching math, economics, or finance in high school and college levels, and you may find (or create) an opportunity to start your own company as an entrepreneur.