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Film producer

I need to choose my IGSCE subjects for next year, and i want to be a film maker/producer , i need help to choose my IGSCE subejct which fits into the context of film making, can you please help me? #teaching #teacher #film-production #movies-and-cinema

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer


Immerse yourself in the world of the stage and observe directors in action. Help out in high school and local theater productions as an assistant director, stage manager, assistant stage manager, or stage crew.

Take drama and theater classes at your high school. If these classes are not offered, look into taking acting classes at a community center.

Build excellent analytical skills in English. Interpreting the script is a central directing task.

Act, dance, and sing in high school productions.

Perform with local community theater groups.

Attend acting camp or summer workshops for aspiring directors.

It´s still necessary to be creative as well presents knowledgeable technicians. Active onstage and behind the scenes, interpret scripts, communicate your vision to set and costume designers, audition and select cast members, manage rehearsals, and coach actors.


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Thank you comment icon Thanks for the advice. Qianmin T.
Thank you comment icon Most importantly, get on sets or office as a Production Assistant. You will learn from the bottom up . Write short scripts, Learn how to storyboard a scenes to know what shots you need and make your films with phones or inexpensive camera. Read scripts and do breakdowns on cast, locations, page count. Leslie Bloom
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Dr Nadeem’s Answer

Film Production Career is in huge demand due to the huge demand from Social media platforms and as well as YouTube emerged as a vast employer of opportunities so now a days video maker is in high demand globally.
So goodluck and explore the career in Film Production.
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